Ronnie Radke Starts New Band, Doesn’t Mention a “Jailhouse Rock” Cover

Hey, all you people who still think Ronnie Radke is innocent!  Don’t worry, while you’re making your signs reading “ZOMG FRIE RONNIE I LUV HIM HES SOOOOOOO HAWT!” your object of imprisoned infatuation is working hard to reward your efforts.  Because the former Escape the Fate lead singer has started a new band.  Behind bars.

Radke is, of course, serving time for violating the terms of his probation earlier this year.  Radke was originally sentenced to probation in January because of his part in the death of Michael Cook.  Radke was not charged with murder or as an accessory, he was instead charged with battery, which he plead guilty to.  He was placed on probation, with stipulations that he was to “be employed full-time, go to drug and alcohol rehab, and stay out of trouble.”  None of which he could do, apparently.  In August, Ronnie was sentenced to 4 years in prison for violating his extremely lenient probation.

Up until now, Ronnie had apparently spent his time in prison reflecting.  Not on himself, but on the fact that the band he stole money from and could no longer tour with because of his own actions wasn’t exactly happy with himRonnie updated his Myspace to tell everyone just how awesome he still was. What a bad boy!

But apparently, Ronnie got bored preaching to his choir on Myspace and has now decided to start a new band.  Called From Behind These Walls.  Holy subtlty, Batman!  The band has so far posted one demo with no lyrics on their Myspace page, and…not much else. 

Meanwhile, Escape the Fate is slated to tour this winter and is rumored to be appearing on the upcoming 2009 Vans Warped Tour.  Because none of them are in prison.

So, would you listen to Ronnie Radke’s new band?