rockets shoot us up into the sky.. rockets shoot us up into the sky.

guten taaaaag!

wow what a week! i love this time of the year, when everything is so busy that it really makes you appreciate moments when there’s “nothing to do”. it’s amazing. this week has been so much fun. and i can’t even remember what i’ve written about and haven’t.. so i’ll just start with tuesday 😉

the christmas church dinnuhh. lots of fun. our friend derek was there, and it’s always cool seeing him, the crazy cat. leah and chris were there, but it was exam week for them, so they were stressed and in bad moods =P. our youth group sang and it was great. it was tons of fun. after the dinner we gave katelyn her presents, then we gave brenna and lysie their’s. i think everyone was happy with what we gave them.. i hope so. tomorrow we’ll give chris’s his birthday/christmas presents and wednesday we’ll give leah her’s. yayyy!

wednesday… blank. i forget!

thursday was my mommy’s birthday =) my dad brought in a cake for her, we cleaned up a bit, gave her cards, and her and him went out to dinner. so while they were gone, me and erika turned up the music very loud and danced, took videos, and just had a great time.

friday me, erika, leah, chris, my mom, my grandma and leah’s mom went to a church play. it was… pretty good. the acting wasn’t the best, but it was good. at one part, the shepherds had these staff things and they kept hitting them on the ground during a song and they were supposed to hit eachother’s staffs, but one guy turned and no one was there.. it’s hard to explain, you would have had to of seen it, but of course, me, erika and leah lost it completely. we couldn’t stop laughing. thankfully we were able to keep kind of quiet though.. and then, this guy tripped on another guy’s robe… that was HILARIOUS to us. we laughed about that during the rest of the play, after the play was over, and on the way home. now it’s not even that funny haha.

i randomly found this picture online and thought it was beautiful. and i’ve been there before! anyway..carry on =D

today we went to my great grandparent’s house. these are all of the people that were there. uncle rick, aunt lori, uncle wes, cousin ray, cousin christopher, cousin nathan, cousin moira, grandpa edward and step-grandma connie (and of course my mom, dad and erika). we were all there to eat.. the food over there is always weird, cause my great grandparents let it sit out all days haha. the house is pretty small, too. so it was very crowded and fairly hot in there. but it was fun. we exchanged presents.. it was lots of fun. after that we went to my grandpa and step-grandma’s house to exchange our gifts there. they just moved into this house and it’s HUGE. i was like, getting lost every time i left the room. haha.

tomorrow we’re going to the morning church service to watch a play and that night we’re going to my grandma’s to be with her, my aunt, uncle, cousins, leah’s boyfriend and whoever else will be there.. for dinner. i’m excited. we always have so much fun over there!!

first featured photo! thank you to whoever submitted it to be featured!! i love you whoever you are!!!

the twins are at it again.

while we were at my grandparents i got to talk to my cousin from ohio for a while. i want to show you a picture of her candy cane fingernails, but i can’t get my pictures to upload to the computer. boo!!

i’m off to go play a video game.. i should be going to bed but oh well. i’ll talk to you ladies whenever i get a chance!

love you – xoxo