MTV LayOffs Prove They Don’t Need Music Anymore

While America is setting up for a major change come January of 2009, right now we’re still living in the troubling reality of the Bush Administration and are still majorly suffering from the entire government’s poor economic decisions in the past 8 years. And before you start screaming that you don’t want to see politics and economics on Buzznet, keep in mind that the economic crisis is affecting people on all levels, including employees of places such as Buzznet.

And now, it’s affecting MTV.

According to, MTV is expected to lay off 300 hundred workers today and possibly going into tomorrow. And even more interesting are reports from Jossip that most of the layoffs will come from the music side of the business.

MTV? This is your cue to change your name. You’re in a crunch so you’re firing people from the MUSIC side of a company based on MUSIC that calls itself the MUSIC TELEVISION network. Just give up, give in, and start claiming that the “M” stands for “Moronic Reality” Television. I know The Hills is your moneymaker, and that’s great. Whatever you need to do to get buy. But consider rebranding yourself, since you’re obviously not about the music anymore.

More layoffs are expected come January. Audrina Patridge has confirmed a 5th Season of The Hills will happen. So don’t worry. You might not have money, but you can still watch people who have it and remind yourself that, like, even rich, pretty people totally have problems.

Well, you can watch it if you can still afford cable when it’s all said and done.