gonna be a long way to happy.

back on track! christmas is over and i have tons of free time haha. normally i’m really sad around this time, cause christmas is over and it seems like there’s nothing to look forward to.. but not this year. christmas came, it was amazing, and now it’s over. i enjoyed it while it was here. now i’m ready for the new year!!! what are your plans for new years eve? i think i’m going to see a movie that i don’t really want to see but oh well, then maybe having some people come over later that night and celebrate. i remember one year when i was really little, my parents bought some of that sparkling grape juice for new years, and my other cousin (who’s only a year older than me) thought it was alcohol and was going to run away. ahaha. we always just buy the fake stuff. 😉

goodbye 2008!

anyway, on christmas eve my friend beth and her family came over to our house. me and erika used to be really close to beth when we were all younger, but now that we’ve “grown up” we don’t get to see eachother except for on holidays. it’s sad how things always change as you get older. anyway, we exchanged gifts, then got around my mom’s piano and sang some christmas songs, since all of us are crazed hippie singers. then later in the evening we went to my grandma’s to exchange presents with her and leah. tons of fun.

it was a cute little hello kitty candy thing! and she got me the purple leopard socks, as you can see, a teal panda shirt, black peace sign earrings, hello kitty & chococat buttons for my purse and some peppermint body wash. i’m all set! haha. my grandma got me pink cupcake pajamas, adorable corset socks…. that’s all i can remember. haha i know she got me more than that though! ohh and she got me and erika matching jackets. more stuff too. i don’t know! haha

on christmas morning we woke up at like 8 am haha. opened presents.. ahh i got the best stuff. an awesome fur leopard jacket, it looks kind of like hanna beth’s, actually, a skelanimals shirt, a bow ring!!, a hello kitty ring, huuuuge hoop earrings, baby phat earrings, a collectors swan lake barbie for my collection, an audrey hepburn doll, a panda necklace, a panda shirt, 4 new panda plushies.. and that’s all i can think of. that may be it. i don’t know, but this was the best christmas ever =) not just because of the presents though, i mean, of course it’s awesome getting lots of new stuff, but i feel closer to my family this year, and everything is so great. i’m so blessed!

me and erika went shopping yesterday. i got an adorable brooklyn girl shirt and a cute knit hat. it’s like a rasta with a bill. it’s adorable! she got some victoria’s secret underwear.. haha.

after our major shopping we went to walmart… these two girls that looked about 14 or younger passed me and yelled “excuse me, pregnant lady coming through!” then later when i was walking in an aisle, they were behind me and yelled “hey you!” so i turned around, and one of them said “i’m gonna have a baby!”…. i just stared at her for a few seconds then turned around and kept walking. they were so weird! lol.

samskeleton you’ve inspired me! haha. i’m as well going to do a video answering your questions. so ask absolutely ANYTHING you want, and i’ll answer it!! i’m posting the video tuesday, so you don’t have long to ask questions!

i hope you all had a fantabulous christmas. xoxo