My dreams are very close to my realities and they also pay the rent. Youtube??

Bonjurno madam’s!

I have figured it out. I know what I need. A Ziggy Star dust to my Audrey Kitching. I bought this book called GLAM! as a Christmas gift for someone… I want to keep it! I can not put it down. That whole era is so intresting to me. Everything now is so boring! I would rather be riduclous, tacky, clowninsh… then boring. I think today’s gernation need that clown of glamor.. and im willing to be that. All my clothing, makeup, books and shoes are thrown around the house like a hurricane hit them. Im in the mist of packing for my trip to New York/ Philly tomorrow morning. I use to love flying… then my friends dragged me on the Tower of Terror at Disneyland and every since then I get sick on airplanes. I hated that ride more then anything on earth. It ruined mt flying experiance. When the plane changes levels of elevation it reminds me of the drop.

I made a youtube account! I know there are hundreds of fake ones but add mine! I will update it will ramdom video’s when im bored… more personal stuff!


There are more images from this editorial but they are being used for a Japanese magazine I did an interview with. I will scan it soon as it is out!

I have been having these crazy dissy spells latley.. or maybe they are panic attacks. Im not sure but my anxiety has been horrible latley. Its taking over my life. Im not one for medications but I am deffinetly going to see a dr. about it in Philly. Im not ashamed of anything. Im that person with no filter.. if im depressd or sick or having an issue i will write about it. So many people put on this act as if there not flawed. Were all humans we all go through the same things. My anxiety is taking over my life right now haha… although maybe it is caused by something else? Who knows but this TMJ and Anxiety needs to be taken care of a.s.a.p. I am on my third jaw treatment… hopefully it is close to my last. Anxiousness has always been an issue with me. When i was 16 I could not even call to order a pizza… now im walking on runways infront of thousands of people and doing film interviews. That is a big step for someone like me. It is more about the inner challenge and overcoming your fears.

How brilliant is this mural!?!? When I get back from the east coast im painting this in my living room. It is a doll house but why can’t it have some Totoro as well. My Neighbor Totoro was my favorite movie growing up. My best friend in second grade gave me it, she was from Japan and moved to America for her dad’s studys. I wish I could find her. She wrote me a post card few years ago but the return address was unreadable.

Tonight im trying to take it easy. I need to finish packing…were having a Hanukkah party! Why not everyone has Christmas ones… potato latka’s for dinner tonight! Me and my friends are having our gift exchange tonight.. oo la la.

What is the WORST thing about the Holidays..

A-Seeing FamilyB-Wrapping giftsC-Getting terrible presentsD-Eating too much

See you in Philly!

-Audrey xoxo