Chasing Shadows……Chapter Twenty-Five

The next day:

The girls are about to go on their lunch break.

Jared called Gabrielle about an hour ago to tell her when and where the boys are going to meet the girls.

So now at noon, Gabrielle and Emily are getting their purses and heading out the door and to the café.

Once they reach the café, they see the guys are already there and have seats.

“Hey girls, over here!” Tomo yells to them as they walk in.

“Tomo, I think they see us, cause, ya know, we’re right up front” Shannon says to him being a smart ass.

“Oh shut it” Tomo snaps back.

Then the girls take their seats and then a waiter comes over and asks them what they want to drink.

After that’s done, they get down to business.

“So, you ladies want to go on tour with us?” Shannon asks them folding his arms.

“Oh come on Shan, stop it! Just tell them your answer before they get upset!” Jared says to Shannon shaking his head.

“Wait a second, I have to make sure” Shannon says putting his hand up to his brother.

“Oh Jesus Christ” Jared mutters rolling his eyes.

“Make sure of what?” Emily asks.

“Well, we, as in me and Tomo, need to make sure you two will, number one,” begins Shannon

“Not do too much girly stuff. You can paint your nails and crap like that, god knows Jared does it like almost every other night”

“Oh fuck off” Jared cuts in.

“Right. But, no love-comedy movies and soap operas and shit like that, and taking too much time in the bathroom” Shannon says ignoring his brother.

“That’s no prob, we don’t take that long in the bath anyways” Emily says.

“Yeah, and I hate love-comedy soap operas bullshit” Gabrielle puts in.

“Good, that’s taken care of, now” Shannon says,

“One last thing. Absolutely no boys on the bus, no making out with them, no nothing”

“Well, that wont be to much of a chore, since, ya know, me and M are dating two out of the three of you” Gabrielle says pointing to Jared and Shannon.

“Well that may be true, but still…” Shannon begins to say, but then Jared cuts in.

“Oh come on Shan just tell them!”

“Oh fine, you can come, but if I catch one sound of Days Of Our Lives on the tv, you getting your asses kicked out of the bus at once” Shannon says grinning.

“No worries there” Gabrielle says grinning back at him.

“This is going to be so cool!” Emily says bursting.

“Sure will be, now remember, we leave this Monday” Tomo says.

“And that’s in….three days” Jared says checking his calendar in his blackberry.

“Well, we better get to buttering up Jim now” Gabrielle says to Emily.

“Oh crap your right, forgot about him” Emily says.

“Oh, well yeah, we have to get his ok to go and do a “Catch up interview” with the band or get our asses fired for just taking off” Gabrielle says.

“Don’t snap at me, I know!” Emily says. “

Well, I would suggest on talking to him about it today, no time like the present” Tomo says.

“Good idea, might as well go now” Gabrielle says now getting up.

“Yeah, this might be a while” Emily agrees getting up as well.

As the girls go, Shannon and Jared walk them out.

“I’ll call you later, maybe we can hang or something” Jared says to Gabrielle giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Sounds good to me” Gabrielle says giving him one back.

Shannon says the same to Emily, and then the girls walk back up the street and into the building.

“So ready to do this?” Emily asks Gabrielle as they take the elevator to Jim’s office.

No, but what can we do?” Gabrielle says sighing.