Wanna Be In a “We The Kings” Video?

Fans have been rocking out to the We The King song “Secret Valentine” all through Bill and Trav’s Bogus Journey. And now, the rockers from the the panhandle state are giving you the chance to rock out to the song in the new music video!

Click the picture for more shots of We The Kings and The Academy Is… rocking a sold out crowd in Pittsburgh.

That’s right! If you’re going to be in or around Brooklyn, NY on November 20th, you have a chance at being in the video for Secret Valentine.

Here’s the catch: you need to be at least 18 years old and available all day. If you meet these requirements and want to participate, you can get more information here! Keep in mind, you don’t get paid, but you do get to be part of a video for an awesome song.

And of course, if you end up participating, make sure you let Buzznet know! And if you get to take pictures and/or video, upload and share, please!

Any Buzznetters in Brooklyn planning on giving it a try?