Tokio Hotel NOT Collaborating with Miley Cyrus (Also, Bill Won’t Get Naked)

So, ever since rumors hit the internet that German rockers and MTV’s Best New Artist of 2008, Tokio Hotel, were supposedly going into the studio to collaborate with Disney pop rocker Miley Cyrus, you’d have thought the Apocalypse had finally come. And while that happening would probably not be the end of the world (Gabe Saporta hasn’t sent out the party invitations yet), we won’t have to test the theory anytime soon. Because in an interview, Tokio Twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz have let their fans know that the rumored collaboration is just that: a rumor.

Tom was quick to say that the rumors were totally untrue, but Bill added a little more commentary on the situation. “Yeah no. Nothing is planned. We just met her at the VMAs, and she’s very cool, but no. There’s no duet or something planned.”

Which makes perfect sense since, while there might be a bit of a crossover audience and while the duet would likely be pretty damn good, despite what critics of either act would say, odds are Tokio Hotel is still a little too “rock” for the image Miley is expected to portray while under contract to Disney. And no, let’s not get into the leaked pictures while talking about her image. Actually, let’s not talk about her image. Let’s talk about something that will HOPEFULLY distract you from bashing Miley in the comments (just don’t, guys, please? Come on, Bill thinks she’s cool!).


Actually, “naked” might not be accurate, but when asked about his new tattoo, Bill apologized for not being able to show it off. The ink took four hours in a tattoo parlor and is reportedly huge. However, the article had no accompanying pictures because, as Bill said, in order to show it off “I have to take off all my clothes.” Supposedly video should be out sooner or later with a preview, but unfortunately it looks like it might be awhile until we see the whole thing.

Bill’s a nice guy, though. He did let us know that the tattoo is of German words. Tom happily provided a translation: “in German it means ‘Tom is my idol.’”

What do you think? Should Bill suck it up and show us his ink? What would you consider bribing him with in order to get a clear glimpse? Left over Halloween candy, maybe?