Today’s Photo Assignment – I Voted

Voting was hard enough as is. You researched your decisions, waited in line, and checked if the holes lined up on your ballot slip like you had some strange obsessive compulsive disorder. Now that you’re done, all you have is that funny little sticker. Wear it with pride, my Buzznet peoples, for you are made of win.

Whether it was via the old fashion ink bubble on paper slip, or one of them new “electronic” voting machines, I hope you got your sticker. If you were an absentee voter, I cannot feel your pain. If you are too young to vote, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

For those of us that voted today, wear your sticker with pride! If you don’t have one, shake an angry, old man fist at your polling place or draw yourself something snarky. If you were too young to vote, snap photo with parental units because hopefully the voted with you in mind.

I snapped this photo outside my polling place with my cell phone. Pretty easy photo assignment, right? Now get to posting!