Reminder: Fresh Meat + Vamp Date Tales Deadline Approaching

This is a kind, but slightly firm reminder that you have until November 7th to wow us with your Twilight-inspired stories.

We’ve been feasting on all the FRESH MEAT, including a foreign-exchange experience and a long-distance move that couldn’t keep true love apart. We’ve also been fanning ourselves while scanning a couple dazzling VAMP DATE entries, though — ouch — be careful what you wish for in a date, ya know? And then there was one that made us laugh so hard it put lolcats to shame.

But extra-special blogger senses tell me there is more out there. I can sense your shifty eyes and your hesitant fingers hovering over the keys. Can anyone fathom a date with a witty vampire? Because I’d like to read it. Not saying a pretty face with a sweet set of fangs and inhuman strength isn’t attractive (because it is), but what about your undead date would really have you running home to retell the tale to idk, your BFF Jill?

Turn on your mood music, silence your tweets, and tell your tales.

Info, requirements and Dark Knight macros are here.