Our experience with Denny’s Rock Star Menu

Lisa, Keegan and I hit up Denny’s at like 9:56pm on Friday night and asked for the Rock Star/Late Night menu. “We don’t serve that ’til 10pm,” they said. “We’ll wait,” we told ’em. And we did. At 10:01, we were ready to make our selections.

I ordered the Plain White Shake and the Hot n’ Cold Cappucino (inspired by Katy Perry’s song). S’right, I went the straight liquid route because everything else involves meat. Where are the vegan rock stars when you need ’em, eh? Keegan ordered the Taking Back Bacon Burger Fries, because he was the brave carnivore out of the three of us. I say brave because it looks like this:

Wait, let’s go closer:

The Plain White Shake was pretty good, although didn’t taste much like the cheesecake it said was in it. The Hot n’ Cold cherry chocolate cappucino was good, but one should not expext this to serve as a viable coffee beverage — it’s clearly in the sweet treats category. I was stoked on all the cherries. (Not pictured: a whole bunch of them chillin’ at the bottom of the cup.)

Lisa finished off both of my drinks so that I wouldn’t lapse into a sugar coma. It’s what good friends do.

All in all, I think Denny’s is best as drunk food and/or hangover food. Along with, say, Jack in the Box. If one has the clarity of mind to choose, this wouldn’t be the happening place.

But, what do we know, we aren’t rock stars. We’re just bloggers.