i can hear you from the top of the mountains, grandma.

there’s snow all over the ground!! earlier when i went to get the mail i got snow all in my shoes and got attacked by a big wet bush.. it was so cold!! but i loooove it.

isn’t it exciting that thanksgiving is only a week away.. i love it. i can’t wait for the upcoming holidays. i think on thanksgiving me and my family are going to eat with my grandma, leah, her parents and her brother.

and christmas! ahhh! my youth group has already started practising christmas songs and we’re probably going caroling. i love this time of the year. i wish i could buy presents for some of you guys lol =(

anyway, i am thinking about making t-shirts and selling them online. i found this website that lets you virtually design shirts/purses and sell them. would you guys be interested in buying them? only thing is that i don’t think i get to decide the prices.. so they could end up being kind of expensive. but i’m gonna talk to my parents about it some more and i’ll get back to you guys about it.

i’ve been so sick the last few days that i haven’t been posting much. sorry!! i’ll post some new pictures soon. i just haven’t exactly looked like a diva lately =P