FOB Vote, Remix, and Give Unsigned Bands an Opportunity

A few months ago, we thought today would be a double-whammy of a day with VOTING and the release of Fall Out Boy‘s “Folie a Deux”—until the album was pushed further into the holiday season for a December 16th release. That didn’t keep the FOBs outta the news on this historical day, though.

Well, MTV news was all over the voting precincts of both Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump, who stood in line and made their selections early this morning. Most FOB fans already know who the rockers support politically, but on his personal site, Pete revealed an even more personal connection with Obama’s VP candidate, Joe Biden—mama and papa Wentz met when they were both legislative assistants to Senator Biden when he was in his first term. How’s that for a whole lot less than six degrees of separation?
[BB Pete, Biden and Mama Wentz via]
Those of you agonizing over the Folie wait can calm yourselves with the Suave Suarez Remix of “I Don’t Care” available NOW on iTunes. As if that single wasn’t sassy enough on it’s own without being touched by a member of Cobra Starship, shoot.

Annnnnnd Fall Out Boy is about to take off on a mini U.S. tour, playing small venues in select cities. If your band has the skillz but is sans record label, then you can take a shot at the opening slot! The band will choose (1) unsigned band in each city via an exclusive Friendsorenemies contest.

Oh and in case you missed it, Pete and Patrick did an interview-athon this weekend, successfully scoring themselves a world record. Panasonicyouth was there.

Raise your hand if you got your November Alternative Press in the mail today. (We just got them in here at Buzznet.)

Happy Election Day, Buzzneters! Go forth and help change happen!