I really love how the fashion industry can connects with music and art. During this journey I have met so many amazing creative people. For my runway shows I select the music that sets the tone and mood of the event, it is SOOO important to pick music that helps tell the story of my collection. For my LA Fashion Week show I had very relaxing lounge type music for the runway and I also collaborated with an AMAZING artist named Daniel Maltzman his paintings are insane. The entire venue where my show was held was covered in his artwork. Some of the art was abstract and it matched the colors in my collection. Daniel also custom painted 3 huge pictures for my show! 2 of me and 1 of the Li Cari models! it was where the girls walked out of and onto the runway! It was really exciting getting to go to his studio and see all his work and see the paintings at my show.


this is the finished product!…

AHH! crazyy.

and the painting of my Li Cari models:

the model in the center is Khristynne! She is the face of my clothing label and i <3 her.

here she is taking a picture with her picture! HAHA

here is what it looked like at the can see both of the paintings of me on the sides and the one of the models in the middle. Khristynne was the first girl out on the runway and she was standing in the same pose as she was in the painting

I loved it! 🙂

Daniel Maltzman is such a great artist. He has painted custom pictures for BRITNEY SPEARS! Here she is with her painting

He has also done this for Paris Hilton on her birthday and for Angelina Jolie and it is such an honor that he did the same for ME! If you want to check out more of his work you can visit his website and see all the new paintings! I will also have pictures up on my website from the fashion show with the artwork


Jazmin Whitley