Discussion: How Would the Characters of Heroes Vote?

So, last night there was no “Heroes,” because of the SNL election eve special. But that doesn’t mean we can’t, in some small way, discuss Parkman and his turtle.

Image by Bulletproofheeb. Theme song by myself and theprophetvarius.

Okay, not really discussing them, but discussing something related to them. See, MTV.com has fantastic articles up on how the characters from Harry Potter and Marvel Comics would vote. But here’s the question: How would the characters from Heroes vote in the 2008 Presidential election?

Would flying politician Nathan Petrelli tow the party line? Would geneticist and supposed “genius” Mohinder Suresh be able to cast a vote for a candidate who doesn’t believe in evolution? What would the indestructable Claire Bennet think about the future of health care? And Sylar…you know what? Just make your own “brains” joke here. I don’t think I can right now.