Chasing Shadows……Chapter Nineteen

Meanwhile, in the apartment:

Gabrielle walks in to find Emily running around the apartment looking for something.

“What up?” she asks her watching her run by.

“I lost my cell phone. I don’t if I left it in Shan’s car or at the movies or what” Emily says now looking through her purse for the tenth time.

“Well why don’t you call him and see?” Gabrielle says.

“Can’t, I only have his number on my cell” Emily says.

“I have it here, call him on the house phone” Gabrielle says now going through her own purse looking for that card with Shannon’s number on it.

Seconds later she finds it and then heads it over to Emily.

“Thanks a ton!” Emily says now picking up the phone from the living room and then dialing Shannon.

While Emily’s on the phone, Gabrielle decides to take a nice, long warm bath.

She then walks into her bedroom and grabs some pj’s and then heads into the bathroom.

As she lies in the tub, her mind is filled with a lot of thoughts.

Mainly of Jared.

“Do I really like him?” she thinks to herself.

“Yeah, he is a nice guy, but am I rally ready to go into a relationship? It’s been almost five years since I was dating, and that was like for a month! Thankfully it didn’t work out, don’t know what the hell I was thinking with that winner. I don’t know….” she thinks, sinking deeper into the water.

An hour later Gabrielle then comes out of the bathroom in her pj’s and then walks out and into the kitchen for some tea.

“So, find it?” she asks Emily as she walks in.

“Yeah, it’s in his car. He’s coming by in a bit to give it to me” Emily says with a sigh of relief.

“Oh good, well I better get changed out of these then if he’s coming over” Gabrielle says looking down at her black with pink kitty’s pj’s.

“Nah, you can just wear a robe, Shan would be cool with it” Emily says.

“That’s ok, I don’t mind” Gabrielle says now pouring some tea into a cup.

“I have coffee right there” Emily then says.

“Nah I’m good, I need tea” Gabrielle says now sitting down.

“Oh, that rough of a night huh?” Emily asks now with an evil grin.

“No, actually it was a really nice night” Gabrielle says thoughtfully.

“So…?” Emily then says.

“So what?”


Gabrielle laughs and then goes off telling Emily about her night.

“Wow! Dinner and a move! On your first date!” Emily says clapping her hands with Gabrielle done.

“So, you got the same thing too on your first date with Shan, plus a trip to the bar” Gabrielle says.

“Yeah, guess so. But you got to keep his jacket, so your one up on me either way! So, did you kiss? And I mean kiss kiss!” Emily then says.

“Um, well, he did kiss me on the cheek” Gabrielle says.

“Oh! Well that was cool” Emily says.

“Yeah, but, I donno, it was kinda close to my mouth, too close really” Gabrielle then says.

“Oh, well that was weird. Were you ok with it?” Emily asks her, knowing at once how Gabrielle might feel about it.

“I don’t know, I think I liked it, but as I said, it was kinda close. He did say I can give him back the jacket tomorrow, we’ll like have lunch or something. But I donno, I think I’m just gonna drop it off or send it to him instead” Gabrielle says.

Emily rolls her eyes at that and mutters, “Here we go”

Then suddenly the doorbell rings.

“Oh. That must be Shan!” Emily says now getting up.

Gabrielle gets up to and then runs into her room and the gets changed into a pair or jeans and a tee shirt real fast.

She then hears Shannon’s voice in the living room, so she real fast pulls open the door and runs out, and almost runs right into Jared, sort of the last person she wants to see right now.