behind the scenes

I wanted to share the part of my job that you don’t always get to see! Most people think being a Fashion Designer is all fun and glamourous but it gets crazy and hectic behind the scences :]

being organized is the key to making things run smooth!! that means making sure each piece of clothing is in the right order on the rack backstage during a runway show. I use numbers & names for each article of clothing to keep track of everything! My collections have at least 26 looks so that means each model has to change a few times during the show. This picture below is from my NEW YORK FASHION WEEK SHOW the girl with the clip bord is a Li Cari intern helping me make sure things go back in order after the models are fitted.

another hectic part of my job is CASTING models! I have to interview hundreds of girls watch them walk and pick the girls that would represent the Li Cari label in the best way 🙂 This means I have to turn some girls down 🙁 & that is very hard for me to do since they are all so lovely. I love having Morgan help me out with the castings, she knows what I look for in Li Cari models and together we look over all the submisions.

It gets SO CRAZYYY when the models have to change REEEALLLY fast backstage! They have to dart back from the runway and change into their next look! They have to RRUUSHHH back and grab the next look but they always have girls to help them get into the next outfit in time before they have to be back out on the catwalk!!

The HAIR & MAKEUP team is working non-stop to make sure all the models look PERFECT before the runway! I LOVE using paul mitchell products to make sure the girls look amazing!since hair & makeup is an important part of making the girls look runway ready I make sure to have tons of the paul mitchell hair spray at hand haha 🙂

That is just a little taste of the insane world of FASHION<33 I hope you liked it 🙂 If you have any questions about the world of fashion let me know and I can write a blog about it!


Jazmin Whitley