Zombie Apocalypse Movie Mix

So, when you live in the zombie attack survival capital of the USA (old article…our current Mayor is even LESS likely to be prepared…), you spend time thinking about a lot of weird things. Like, do I have a cohesive escape plan? Should I rent an apartment that close to the likely center of the outbreak? Are they more likely to be T-Virus zombies or Rage Virus zombies? Are we talking immediate infection or are we talking you’ve got a few hours to find a cure? Would Gerard Way survive?

When George Romero is from your city, these things all make sense. Trust me.

And of course: What music do I listen to during a zombie apocalypse?

Luckily, I have here a mix that serves, in my head, as the soundtrack to a zombie movie. That only exists in my head. It’s your typical story, a group of survivors fighting their way out of the city…there’s a love story involved but what are the odds that both lovers will make it out? The mix is in order of the movie’s plot, which I’d rather not share…I’d kind like to see if you can get the gist of the plot just from the songs.

So, here is the Zombie Apocalypse Mix: