The World—and Pete Wentz—Await Baby Wentz

The super-vague tweet that Pete Wentz posted a few days ago was not arrival of the littlest Wentz, after all. We suppose he may be a little too busy during the actual event to actually use Twitter… but we’re still watching it like hawks curious Clandestine bats. In an article put out today by, he talks about the baby (“boy or girl,” he still says) in more concrete “omg-so-close” terms.

“The clock is ticking,” he jokes. “I’m excited, I’m anxious. It feels like when you’re watching the opening band and you’re like ‘When is this band I love coming on stage? I want to see them, I want to get to meet them’. As soon as I get home I’ll be waiting.”

Aw, precious. While it must be nerve-wracking to have celeb blogs a-plenty (um, and the entire FOB fandom) waiting for wifey Ashlee Simpson to deliver, Wentz admits there are benefits to being a celebrity with a baby coming “Dude, we’re going to hospital in a bulletproof van and we have security all around us so all I need to focus on is making sure my wife is safe and the baby is safe.”

The Wentz’s have yet to strike a deal for those first photos. “Someone makes money off the photo of your baby no matter what. Should it be your baby or possibly a charity rather than a photo agency, probably. I don’t know,” he said. “There’s not been an offer that’s been accepted yet, maybe there will be, maybe there won’t.”

Meanwhile, I still haven’t gotten a glimpse at the youngest Stefani-Rossdale, Zuma, even though Gwen’s first-born, Kingston, totally had his first photoshoot when he was barely out of the womb.

Full article is here.

Fall Out Boy events you can actually mark on your calendar with some definitiveness:

  • Attempt #2 at making it into the Guinness Book: October 31
  • Release of the iTunes exclusive “America’s Suitehearts” single: November 18
  • Day their faces appear on the cover of Alt Press: Nov issue, so you should be able to get your hands on it any day now!
  • Folie a Deux release: December 16