An Urgent Halloween: Kevin Coffrin says No to Britney Spears, Couples Costumes

Tough guy Kevin Coffrin from The Urgency answers some Halloween questions for us. No Britney Spears getups, couples’ costumes, or Zombie antics — or he and his tough VT friends will get you!

Buzznet: What is the stupidest couple costume?

Kevin: Most couple costumes piss me off. Shrek and Fiona, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Batman and Catwoman, I could go on forever.Buzznet: What do you think the most overrated costume will be for Halloween 08?

Kevin: Britney Spears

Buzznet: What is your scariest Halloween memory?

Kevin: The Haunted forest, which is a VT fright fest out in the woods. My parents took me there when I was too young and I didn’t understand that all the witches and monsters weren’t real. It was scarring.

Buzznet: What is the best costume you had as a kid?

Kevin: My best costume was one I made myself as a little kid. A made a huge classic car out of cardboard and put it over my body like i was sitting in the drivers seat. It was real bulky but I pimped that Halloween in a classic caddy.

Buzznet: If you’re too old to trick or treat what do you recommend doing on Halloween? Kevin: Halloween is just as fun for adults even without trick or treating. Just find one of a billion parties that happen every Halloween, dress up all crazy and get salty.

Buzznet: What will you be doing on Halloween this year?

Kevin: Getting salty but in our van on the road somewhere USA.

Buzznet: Best movie to watch on Halloween?

Kevin: Milo and Otis.

Buzznet: If this Halloween turns into a zombie apocalypse, how would you survive?

Kevin: Easy. I’m from VT. Everybody owns shotguns. I’d grab all my toughest friends and all available shotguns and clubs, load into a big suv and have some fun.