Sneak a Peek at Paramore’s “Decode”

As Twilight‘s release draws ever closer, Buzznet’s getting into the spirit with a huge Twilight challenge that we announced yesterday (and sorry Twilighters, The Dark Knight will STILL be the bigger movie when it’s all said and done…), and now we’ve got even more for you: a preview of Paramore‘s video for “Decode.”

It looks like Shane Drake has done an amazing job, as everybody suspected he would. Shots of the band surrounded by forests, in keeping with Twilight’s setting and some of the story’s themes of innocence and being “lost in the woods” fit perfectly. And Hayley looks awesome and a little spooky while crooning “How did we get here? I used to know you so well!” All while her band rocks out around her.

Video is from, so I apologize for the area restrictions and the fact that it buffers at the speed of toast. Very slow toast:

Thoughts? Feelings? Why so serious?