Putting Fall Out Boy’s $50K Donation in Perspective

Previously, Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz had hinted at the band doing something to fight California’s Prop 8, which would overturn the state’s decision to allow same-sex marriages. And it appears that the band has put their money where their mouth is, as they have donated $50,000 to the No on 8 Campaign.

Hey, let’s face it, Pete Wentz has a big mouth. [Cut=Let’s put this in perspective, eh?]

$50K isn’t exactly a little bit of money, even for celebrities like Fall Out Boy. Keep in mind that this donation was made by a pro-gay band who have no openly gay members. And they didn’t have to donate that money. They could have spent it in other ways.

Lead guitarist Joe Trohman could have spent the money on a mint condition, never played 2008 Gibson Jimmy Page Black Beauty Pilot Run #9.

Drummer and comics fan Andy Hurley could have dropped the money on a mint condition copy of Amazing Fantasty #15, the comic that contains the first ever appearance of Spiderman.

The money could also have bought:

  • 3,125 pairs of Vic Furth Andy Hurley signature drum sticks
  • 3,846 copies of Infinity on High in the Fueled by Ramen webstore
  • 1,428 G-A-B-E hoodies from the Fueled by Ramen webstore
  • 2,632 Mikey F’in Way tee shirts from the official My Chemical Romance online store
  • 6,257 copes of The Lost Boys from Amazon.com
  • 11,235 packages of Smucker’s Uncrustables

Major kudos to Fall Out Boy for their donation.