Patrick Stump on Himself: ‘Patrick Stump gets enough attention’

We can’t say we necessarily agree, but Fall Out Boy‘s lead singer has certainly been making himself vocal in other ways lately (Sarah Palin impression, anyone?). In part II of Absolutepunk’s interview with P. Sassy, he does a little more defending of his band members (particularly Pete), talks about his foray into producing and laments about how the singer never gets to party.

Here are a couple questions as enticement for you to go read the whole shebang:
Do you or any of the other members ever feel a sense of jealousy towards Pete?

Patrick: No, we’re pretty defensive when it comes to the way he’s been portrayed. Pete’s my best friend, I was the best man at his wedding, I love that man to death. I’d take a bullet for him. But, I hate the way that the Pete Wentz that actually exists never gets covered, it never gets spoken of. There’s so many accusations that are so ridiculous about the guy that are taken as the gospel—people just assume that he posted pictures of his p*nis on the internet. That is the stupidest f*cking thing thing I’ve ever heard. Why on earth would you ever do that? His parents were gonna see that, come on. Have some common sense. He is actually a human being. Would you want your p*nis all over the internet? Probably not. He probably doesn’t either.

This is another little interesting factoid about Pete: he quit the band. I had to talk him back into the band after those pictures got out. It nearly broke the band up he was so devastated. He had to claw his way back up from massive depression to even make fun of it.

Anyway, no, we are not jealous of him. If anything, I would want people to know the real Pete Wentz. I get the impression that people don’t really want to know him, because he’s not the bad guy on the reality show. He’s the most loyal guy I know, to a fault actually. He’s one of those guys who will never stand against his friends. Here’s an analogy. If he’s gonna make some money off shoveling coal, he’s gonna bring his friend on with him, and his friend is gonna shovel coal. If the friend’s not good at shoveling coal, Pete will shovel more coal to make sure that guy gets his share, even if the guy is doing terrible work. The guy could sit down, relax, and open up a book, and Pete’s still gonna be shoveling coal for that guy. He is the most loyal guy I know. He reminds me a lot of the portrayal of Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys just in the way that in Jersey Boys, and I don’t know if this is the true story, one of the other singers in the Four Seasons racks up this huge gambling debt and Frankie Valli is like, “We’ll pay for it, we will never ask for it back, we’ll just pay for it, he’s just gotta not do it again,” and that’s the kind of guy Pete is. I will never be jealous of him.

Do you ever feel that Pete’s other business ventures (Decaydance, Clandestine, etc) take away from Fall Out Boy’s music?

Patrick: I think people can misinterpret it very easily. Pete Wentz is not a very good entrepreneur, he’s a good friend. He believed in Gym Class Heroes, The Academy Is, and Panic At the Disco when a lot of other labels wouldn’t, and they were our friends.

Maybe sometimes it gets in the way of the record, of the music – not with making it, but with people’s perceptions sometimes, it can be kind of daunting. But at the same time, I applaud him for doing it. I think the way he does it is totally awesome. Really, his whole MO is: when we were getting signed, we got dicked around by labels, so he decided to start a label that doesn’t fuck bands over. When everybody had a clothing company, he was like, “Well, I want to make a clothing company that makes something I actually wanna see.” I think people think he makes a lot more money than he does, and I think that’s one of the misconceptions, is that he does things for money. If he did things for money, I would hope he’d make more [laughs].

Part II in it’s in entirety can be read right here.
Oh! And if you haven’t heard, “What a Catch, Donnie” was released on iTunes today despite Folie a Deux being pushed to a December 16 release date.