Panic at the Disco Film Music Video for ‘Northern Downpour’

Yesterday, before the Rock Band Live tour in Los Angeles, Buzznet got a chance to spend a little time chatting with those fine boys of Panic at the Disco. There is a video interview coming next week, and then you can regale in their adorableness — BUT — the critical piece of information I extracted is that they have indeed filmed a video for “Northern Downpour.”

I’d heard a little bird chatting about a video shoot when we were walking to the press room. When I asked the band if they’d be planning to do any more music vids for any Pretty. Odd. songs, Brendon Urie said, “Never again!” to which Ryan Ross smoothly replied (candy cigarette in mouth) “…because we just did the last one.”

They shot it in downtown L.A., or “urban L.A.” as Ross commented. He said it was the first time they shot a video without a set and that “it involves us defacing some property.”

Really, I can’t imagine anything that would make me adore that song more than I already do, but I’m definitely still eager to see what some visual aspects can add to it.

No word yet on when the video is being released. Stay tuned!