New Guitar Hero: World Tour Ad Hits Airwaves

So, in case you haven’t caught it yet, there’s a new ad out for Guitar Hero: World Tour. The commercial parodies the classic “dancing in underwear” scene from Risky Business, but ads a new twist: there’s four guys rocking out, and they miiiight just look a little familiar.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you basketball star Kobe Bryant on vocals, baseball star Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez on lead guitar, Record breaking Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps on bass and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk keeping rhythm on the drums.

Now, of course, the not-so subtle message is that with GH: World Tour ANYBODY can be a rock star. But, let’s go with an inverse theory: what if rock stars decided to try the sports Kobe, Alex, Michael and Tony would be giving up to be rock stars, hm?

Jon Walker of Panic at the Disco heads to the NBA:

William Beckett leaves The Academy Is… to pursue his love of baseball:

Pete Wentz trades touring with Fall Out Boy for the Dew Action Sports Tour:

…okay…maybe not so much

Cobra Starship‘s Gabe Saporta…well, okay. He doesn’t actually BECOME an Olympic Swimmer. He just wears Speedos. All the time. And nothing else.

…I’m strangely okay with this.

Okay, okay. Like the rest of us, the athletes are never going to be rock stars outside of shredding along to video games in their own living rooms. And these rock stars aren’t going to be signing to any major leagues anytime soon.

As a coompromise, I suggest Jon, William, Pete and Gabe recreate that scene from Risky Business. For the good of the world. And science.