Na na na na na na na na…MIKEY WAY!

So, remember when they announced the release date of the DC Halloween Comic that will feature a story written by Mikey Way of My Chemical Romance? And I channeled The Umbrella Academy‘s Rumor while telling you that it would involve Batman?

Either that rumor was always true, or I apparently have The Rumor’s superpowers! Absolute Punk has updated with more information on Mikey’s first foray into pro-comic writing, and apparently the storyline will mix Batman with elements of the classic story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Which means, technically, it mixes the sources that inspired fantastic films starring Christian Bale and Johnny Depp.

Sadly, we likely won’t see a film version, since Mikey’s story is only set to run 8 pages. But if this goes well, who knows what the future could hold? Hey, maybe someday we could see a joint Brothers Way comic project!

So remember to head out to your local comic shop on October 22nd to pick up a copy! And hey, keep your eyes open, who knows what else might catch your interest while you’re there!