i love to be with you and the sun will rise. the sun will rise.

today erika and i had to go over to our grandparents house and help our step-grandma pack up. they’re moving really soon to an apartment while they build a house. it’s sad that they’re leaving.. everything has gone by so fast. my grandma got really sick and passed away, and while we were all still trying to get over that, my grandpa remarried and now they’re leaving the house that they’ve lived in for approx. 30 years! old people =P

anyway, packing was h-o-r-r-i-b-l-e. they have sooo many books and cds. me and erika packed atleast 7 big boxes of books.. it took us a while to get some into this one really really big box, and then our step-grandma told us that she wanted us to put them in another box. so we had to unpack them all and put them into a smaller box. erika started doing something crazy with a shelf and i jokingly said “stop! you’re going to break the whole shelf” and right after that i knocked over this old japanese man figure.. she said “you’re going to break ancient artifacts!” haha after a while we had to wrap up these crystal glasses and all kinds of glass stuff.. i was sooo afraid that i want going to break something. at one point i knocked a glass gnome off of the table.. thankfully i caught it while it was in the air. my mom and erika laughed and my step-grandma wasn’t in there (thankfully)

after we left we went to see tracy, a girl who goes to my church. she had a baby. her and her husband are kind of like hippies. they named the boy james rhett hawk.. what do you think about kids having two middle names? i think it’s cool.. depending on the names haha! anyway, while my mom was talking about tracy’s husband, doug, she called him jug.. hahaha that was hilarious at the time.

and after that we came home, got dinner then went to walmart and i saw caitlin! =) and then we stayed in there for way too long and spent way too much as usual. i got some more leggings for only 1 dollar.. i also got a plastic rose ring for only 1 dollar. woot woot. me and erika saw some other people that we know and hid from them cause we didn’t want to talk hahaha.

tomorrow is the pirates homecoming game. i really hope we win. it would suck to lose homecoming game. i can’t remember if we did last year or not. but i do know that last year erika and i both wore ripped jeans with striped tights underneath them.. haha. i don’t know what i’m gonna wear yet. and the parade is tomorrow, too. i’m so excited. leah and chris are picking me and erika up. haven’t hung out with them for 2 weeks. we’ll also hang out with them at bridge day =)

right now i’m listening to a remix of rette mich by tokio hotel. soon i’ll have a new top 5 songs for you guys. i’ve found tons of great songs that you need to hear!!

how is everyone doing? i’m gonna start posting more often again =)

love you guys!!!!