Into The Wild……


Sam’s Woods, 4:22 am:

Edward pulls Gabrielle to the other side of the tunnel and then covers her. Up above is now beginning crumble and now rock and dirt is falling all over the place. “We gotta go!” Edward then yells now picking up Gabrielle and then running down the tunnel while hopping on one leg at the same time. “I can walk you know!” Gabrielle yells at him. “Yeah well, we need to get out of here fast and I don’t want you behind me!”Edward yells back at her. Meanwhile, behind them the whole tunnel is beginning to get filled up. They run even faster then, and then after a few minute’s the cave in stops. “Ok, you can let me down now” Gabrielle says to Edward. “Just as long as it’s safe” Edward says now letting Gabrielle down. He then sits down and begins to rub his ankle, that run made it hurt even more now. Gabrielle meanwhile walks some ways over to where the cave in stopped. “It’s gone. The whole thing is filled in” Gabrielle mutters. “Give me a minute and let me think of where other possible ways of getting out are” Edward says now laying on the ground. “Ed, just give it up, there is now way out. Someone has it in for us, I know it!” Gabrielle says shaking her head and now flopping on the ground in despair. “Now don’t be like that, we’ll get out, don’t worry. Now cheer up” Edward says now getting up and limping over to her and then sitting back down next to her and putting his arm around her. “I am getting so tired of this” Gabrielle says shaking her head again. “I know, but it’ll get better” Edward says with a smile. Gabrielle doesn’t say anything to that but just shakes her head again. “Come on, lets lay down and get some sleep for a while, when you wake up you’ll feel better” Edward says now taking off his jacket and laying it down on the ground. Come on now” Edward then says softly to her. Gabrielle sighs and then takes off her own jacket and then lays down next to Edward and pulls the jacket over them for warmth. “Now go to sleep” Edward then says to her kissing her. “But what if there’s something bad down there, like a bear or something” Gabrielle whispers to him looking down the tunnel. “Don’t worry, I’m here, nothing is going to get you” Edward says now rapping his arms around her. Then slowly the two fall asleep.

Meanwhile, back on top:

Dee just in time grabs Jessica and pulls her back off the road, just seconds away from being hit by a huge tuck. “For the love of god watch where you’ve going!” Dee yells at Jessica as the down get up off the ground. “I’m sorry, got a little nuts there, didn’t think. Thanks” Jessica mutters in shock of almost losing her life. “No prob. Think next time ok? Now, we have to get back and tell Gab and Ed that we found the main road” Dee says. “But I thought we were supposed to go look for help first?” Jessica says. “Yes, but I would feel better letting them know what help is on the way” Dee says. “I guess” Jessica says rolling her shoulders. “You stay here, and I’ll be back in a bit” Dee says. “Ok, be careful!” Jessica says. Dee just nods her head and then beings to walk back to the empty camp sight, hoping like hell Edward and Gabrielle are still there, and alive.