‘Folie a Deux’ by YOU: Art Challenge (Updated Deadline)

So, um, there’s this band? Fall Out Boy? And supposedly they’re cool or whatever. And they’ve got everyone in a tizzy about their album release on Nov. 4 December 16! As everyone now knows, said album has a title, “Folie a Deux,” which is a fancy-pants medical term for an odd disorder in which two people who share a close relationship — like siblings, or a boyfriend and girlfriend — suffer the same, or similar, delusions. “A madness shared by two,” said the Wentz. Deep, right?

Anyway, said album also has cover art, and — interpret how you may — it’s a graphic of a kid in a teddy bear costume carrying an actual surly-looking bear on his back.

Now, here’s the trick — Close your eyes. Pretend there are no bears. Just an album title, and a band. How would you translate FOB’s psych jargon into art? Take a photograph, draw a sketch, employ computer graphics, use your imagination and then make your vision a reality.

One rule: (UPDATED DEADLINE) You have until Oct. 24 at 10am PST to submit your work. Okay, and one other rule: Please tag your masterpiece with fobcoverart08. (So we can find it. I mean, if you don’t WANT us to, then hey, that’s your biz…)

Third and last request: in the body of your post, please tell us something about how you arrived at your vision. By all means, take a picture of Rpatzz riding a bobsled if you want — if you can explain how you got that from “Folie a Deux,” we’re good.

AND…. Are you ready for this, people? We’re going to pick the 10 coolest submissions and then put the finalists up for VOTING. Because hey, this is still a democracy.

Good hunting.