FOB’s Pete and Patrick Shift ‘Sex Drive’ into High Gear

You’d think that use of the term “Sex Drive” alone would be enough to command a little attention on this site. But no. So we’re also going to add the words “Patrick Stump” and “Pete Wentz” to the equation. And if that doesn’t interest you — how about this: we just caught up with two actual members of Fall Out Boy for a quick chat about their cameo in the upcoming Sean Anders-directed comedy, “Sex Drive.” Patrick and Pete sound off on the use of their music in the film (out on 10/17), and offered oh-so-tempting dish on their recent and not-so-recent explorations of filmed entertainment (Bedussy II? Patrick’s short film? “I Don’t Care”?) And guess which one of them does a Sarah Palin imitation?

Listen in on the chat, see a couple shots from the movie set (watch for Seth Green!) and get some Peterick eye-candy here.

[Listen, or else Andy Hurley will steal your ice cream cone and feed it to concrete*!]

Folie a Deux comes out November 4th. You have introduced your Buzznet music library to Fall Out Boy, haven’t you?

*Ok, that’s really unlikely, and I doubt I’d need to coerce you into listening to Peterick after their epic first podcast.