Fall Out Boy’s ‘Folie a Deux’ Postponed

November 4th is going to be a day that changes American History and Politics no matter what. Either we’ll have the first ever African American President or the first female Vice President in our nation’s history.

But we won’t have Fall Out Boy‘s new album.

(thanks to CFOBmania for the tip off!)

In a statement posted on their official website:

6 months ago we thought it would be a fun idea to release our album on election day but this is not the election to be cute. This is the most important election of our time and, as much as the record is a social commentary and the term “folie a deux” is relevant to the candidates, we felt as though rather than making a commentary we were only riding the wave of the election. This seemed less and less like what we intended to do and more of a gimmick.

Fall Out Boy does not state when Folie will be released, saying on that the release date is “in the hands of [their] label.” FOB promises fans they’ll pressure their label to release it before the end of the year. And considering the amount of love and respect they have for their fans, you can bet they’re sincere on that promise.

Especially because on top of promising to honor all pre-orders when the album does release, the guys have a few extra surprises planned as well:

With this extra time we hope to add a suprise or two to the record and the campaign for you to vote on a series of “golden tickets” that we promise will be unlilke anything you have ever seen. We will also have an extensive preorder campaign that will take into account the current state of our economy. We still plan to release a series of new songs on itunes and in addition will be adding a series of a few additional podcasts as they received such a good reaction. We are extremely sorry but we feel that we are doing this for reasons that suit our ideals and are unselfish.

Oh, yeah, plus: the band will be playing a handful of small club shows throughout the states in November. “This will not be a tour and will for the most part not be in areas we have played in a while. These shows will take place in extremely small clubs that we played in prior to take this to your grave. Tickets will be very affordable and only available on day of.”

Hey guys? There’s this sweet-ass venue in Pittsburgh you should look into. I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, how do you feel about this? Do you think Fall Out Boy is doing the right thing by delaying the album? What are you hoping to see from the pre-order mania they’re promising?

And if you’re really in Folie withdrawal, you can always enter the Folie a Deux by YOU community challenge run by Bree!