Fall Out Boy to Appear on the November Cover of Alternative Press Magazine

This November belongs to the REAL Mavericks. No, not McCain and Palin. I mean some actual Mavericks. A group of four boys who, in between putting out some of the hottest music in the world today, also find time to contribute time and money to causes they believe in. Yeah, that’s right. I’m talking about Fall Out Boy.

Not only is their much-anticipated album Folie a Deux dropping on November 4th, but that date also marks an election that members of the band have been anything but quiet about. Between Pete Wentz‘s vocal support of Democratic nominee Barack Obama (he loves you and he loves your mama) to the band’s donation of $50,000 to a group fighting to keep California from overturning their landmark decision to allow same-sex marriages (something guitarist Joe Trohman had a thing or two to say about in his Friends or Enemies blog). Oh, and in the middle of that, one of them’s gonna be a new father around that time.

So, it only makes sense that Fall Out Boy will be appearing on the November cover of Alternative Press Magazine. And considering some of their previous covers? This should be yet another reason to look forward to November.