Fall Out Boy Announce Elvis Costello as Album Guest

This morning Fall Out Boy sent Absolutepunk an exclusive announcement about another guest star who will be lending their talents to Folie a Deux — Elvis Costello. The message states:

At some point everyone is gonna find out. So, I guess its time to let the cat is out of the bag. We didn’t want to talk about this before we actually heard it because its a once in a lifetime experience. We’ve announced a couple of guests on the record but “I wish you luck with a capital F” is just one of the thousands of genius ideas thought up by Elvis Costello and he’s gonna be singing on Folie a Deux. this isn’t a typical appearance as he’s alongside the guys in a couple of the Decaydance bands on the song. Either way this has been an amazing experience for fall out boy as he is one of our heroes, especially so for patrick. We can’t wait for you to have the chance to hear it.

So now we have Debbie Harry (from Blondie), L’il Wayne, Brendon Urie, Gabe Saporta and Elvis Costello. 80’s cred, hip-hop cred, indie cred… just kidding. But have you ever pictured everyone involved with Folie at a huge party, and how wacky that would be? No? Maybe it’s just cuz Elvis Costello was in that movie, “100 Cigarettes.”

Carry on with your Saturday, my friends, carry on.