You Daily Folie Update: Pete Wentz’s Pre-Order News Too Sweet for 140 Words

So, I’m sure by now you already know about the big Fall Out Boy news. Folie a Deux pushed back. New release date of December 16th. Amazing new single featuring Elvis Costello and a horde of Fueled by Ramne guests out to soothe the savage beasts inside our…hearts.

But the best thing about a band that has an internet savvy frontman with a big mouth and an equally big heart? You constantly get updates on what’s to come. And you know an awesome way to get instant updates? Following Pete Wentz‘s Twitter.

The issue with Twitter (if you don’t know what it is, visit the site) is that it’s a 140 character limit per message. And Pete’s explanation of the new Folie a Deux delux editions (Yes, that’s right. Plural) couldn’t be contained to one message. Or as they call them? One tweet.Ps the delux edition being offered of fad right now is not the one the band is creating. There will be four or five other ones with the preorder which in…our mind will have even sweeter stuff in em

Fall Out Boy’s delux edition for Infinity on High featured bonus tracks such as “G.I.N.A.S.F.S.” as well as a set of album-themed tarot cards. And while Livejournal group icecreamhdaches reported on the current Folie delux’s bonus tracks, we can pretty much guarantee that we’ll see something a little bigger and a lot weirder from the band themselves.

But don’t worry, it won’t be long until we find out. Because Pete’s follow up Tweet reads: These preorders and delux preorders will be revealed in the next month or so on fobr.

What are you hoping for out of the Folie a Deux delux edition?

And if one of the things on your list is “a different cover,” then you should enter Buzznet’s Folie a Deux by YOU community challenge! You only have until Friday to enter!