Crying On This Floor

Crying here,

On this floor,

Crying now,

Because I know that its no more,

You broken my soul,

Left me broken hearted,

You decieved my trust,

And left before I could even get started,

I cried for you,

Here on this floor,

I cried tha you’d,

Come back through that door,

Even thought you did all that you did,

I still loved you and wanted to try to fix it,

But you never came back,

And you never will,

You went back to her,

That filty tramp who’s got your love now,

That filty tramp who stole what belonged to me,

You went back to her….but you didn’t come back to me,

Crying here on this floor,

Crying now because I know that its no more,

Thinking of all we were and I all we could’ve been,

Thinking of how you kissed use to kiss me……..and then….

Tell me you loved me…..

I wipe away my tears but they keep coming,

Look what you did to me baby,

I can’t focus at work,I can’t think straight,

I’m faking smiles everywhere I go,

My personality is fading,

Just to let you know,

All of this going down because you left me crying on that floor,

Told me you didn’t love me,

And that our love was no more,

Crying was all I could do,

Thats all ayone can do,when they lose,

It was a freestyle poem I wrote,hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Muah

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