Chasing Shadows……Chapter Fourteen

At the office building, 10:55 pm:

Gabrielle reach’s the lobby, just in time to see Jared to walk in.

“ Sorry Sir, but the building is closed for the evening” the guard says putting his hand up to Jared’s face the second he walks in.

“It’s ok Mike, he’s with me” Gabrielle says walking up to the men.

“Oh, ok Gab. Sorry” the guard says now walking away with his head down.

“Wow, tight security” Jared says to her as they now go into the elevator.

“Yeah, it’s bee like this since the nutty hobo snuck in one night and said that my boss was his father” Gabrielle says laughing a little.

“Holy crap! What did you do with him?!” Jared says laughing as well.

“Called the cops and now he’s in a home” Gabrielle says.

“Wow, that’s just crazy” Jared says shaking his head.

They then reach the third floor and then walk to the editing department, where Gabrielle and Emily work.

They then walk by some cubicles and then to a bit office with windows.

“Your office?” Jared asks her.

“Yep, come on in” Gabrielle says now opening the door.

“Cool” Jared mutters now walking in.

“Take a seat, I wont be to much longer” Gabrielle says now nodding her head to a chair and then going back to her work on the computer.

Then the rest of the hour goes by with Jared taking about random things to Gabrielle as she just nods her head and keeps on typing.

Then at last she’s done.

“Done!” Gabrielle says now printing up her report and then turning off the computer.

“Thanks for waiting” she then says walking over to Jared, whose now getting up from the chair.

“No prob. I enjoyed talking with you” Jared says with a smile.

“Cool, you too. Now I have to just get this over to my bosses office and then we can go” Gabrielle says.

The two then walk out of the office and then Gabrielle locks up.

Then they walk over to the elevator and head in and then go to the second floor, where the main editor is, Jim. “Just stay here, he’s office is right there, I’ll just slip this under the door” Gabrielle says to Jared as the elevator door opens.

“Ok” Jared says.

Gabrielle then runs out and runs over to Jim’s door and then slips the report under the door and then she runs back.

“Good timing” Jared says to her smiling.

“Hehe, thanks” Gabrielle says smiling.

Then the two head down to the lobby and then out the door.

“Hey, are you hungry?” Jared asks Gabrielle on the way to his car.

“A little, might make a sandwich when I get home” Gabrielle says.

“Well there’s a café just down the street, way don’t we have a sank?” Jared says.

“Oh nah, you look tired and I don’t want to keep you up” Gabrielle says.

“Yeah, but I think we should stop and eat anyway” Jared says now taking Gabrielle’s arm and turning her around to walk the other way.

“Um, ok, if you say so. But I pay, I owe you for taking me home so late” Gabrielle says.

“I told you it’s no problem. And I’ll pay, it’s not gentlemen like to have the lady pay” Jared says as they now walk up to the café.

Gabrielle just shakes her head and then Jared opens the door for her.

“What a gentlemen” Gabrielle says trying to be smart.

“Exactly” Jared says with a smile.

The two then get seats by the window and then they order their drink and food and then they talk all the way till almost eleven.

“Um Miss, what time does the café close again?” Jared asks the waitress when Gabrielle says to him that they might about to close.

“Oh we just closed now, but you guys can stay for a while” the waitress says sweetly, obviously having her eye on Jared.

Gabrielle meanwhile rolls her own eyes at her, knowing what she’s up to.

“Oh that’s ok, I need to get my friend home anyway” Jared says to the waitress with a smile.

“Oh, ok then. I’ll be back with your check” the waitress says now down.

As she walks off, Gabrielle shakes her head at her.

“What?” Jared asks her watching.

“Nothing” Gabrielle says real fast now looking down.

“Why are you shaking your head at the waitress? Are you….mad that she was giving me the eye?” Jared says with an evil smile that’s growing wider and wider every second.

“What?! No! No way! It’s nothing, really” Gabrielle says really fast and turning red.

“Sureeeee” Jared says mockingly.

“Shut up” Gabrielle says grimly.

“Oh shit! Did I just get pissed off that she was giving him the eye?!” Gabrielle scrams in her head.

The waitress then comes back with the check.

“Thanks a lot” Jared says to her with a smile and then handing her a tip.

“Oh thank you! See you later honey!” the waitress says to Jared, (and only Jared mind you), taking the tip. Gabrielle meanwhile, looks murderess.

“Honey…?” she thinks angrily.

“Careful, your anger is showing” Jared says to her slyly as they now walk up to the counter.

“Whatever I still say nope” Gabrielle says rolling her eyes ay him.

But her mind is saying something very different.

“WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!” she scrams in her head.

The two then walk out of the café and then Jared takes Gabrielle home.

“I’ll walk up to your door” Jared says with the pull up to her and Emily’s apartment.

“Oh that’s ok, it’s right there, like a foot away” Gabrielle says pointing to the red door right in front of them. “Gentlemen, remember?” Jared says slyly now walking over to the other side of the car and then opening the door for her.

“Ok, now you are starting to scare me” Gabrielle says to him.

“Haha, your not used to me being like this?” Jared asks her as they now walk up to the door.

“No, your talking to the girl who thought you were a jackass only a few hours ago, remember?” Gabrielle replies.

“Ha yeah, but now you see that I’m different!” Jared says.

“Haha, yeah. I’m sorry again that I acted like I did” Gabrielle says.

“It’s ok, what else would you act like if I was going for that?” Jared says with a smile.

Gabrielle smiles back at him.

After a few minutes of silence between the two, Jared then says, “So do you think Emily’s home?”

“Oh no, lights are off, see? If she was, the whole apartment would be light up and she would be waiting for me to come and then she would go off about her date till three in the morning” Gabrielle says laughing.

Jared laughs as well and then says, “So I should aspect Shannon to be still out then”

“Ha, guess so”

“Sooo, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Yep! Um, what time would you like to go?”

“Um, well I’ll call you in the afternoon and we’ll see, cool?”

“Sure, just let me give you my number”

Gabrielle then gives Jared her number, and then she asks him, “Would you like to come in for a minute or so? I’m gonna make coffee”

“Oh nah, got to get back to the hotel in case Shannon is there. Then again Tomo should be back by now” Jared says with a smile.

“Ok then” Gabrielle says.

Then with a goodnight hug, Gabrielle goes into her apartment.

Jared then walks back to her car and heads back to his hotel, his mind racing with thoughts.

Gabrielle meanwhile put on coffee and then takes a fast shower and gets into her PJ’s.

Then about one in the morning, a tired but happy looking Emily’s stumbles in.

“Well well well, look what the cat dragged in” Gabrielle says on the sofa sipping her sixth coffee cup.

She can’t sleep at all tonight, thinking about Jared and the way she acted and all.

“Oh shut up. My head hurts” Emily says now plopping on the sofa next to her.

“So what happened to just lunch?” Gabrielle her.

And at once Emily perks up and then goes off about her date with Shannon.

Gabrielle meanwhile just lays her head back and listens to the babbling, her mind still on Jared and tomorrows dinner with him.