The Cab, Anberlin and Four Year Strong Pull All Nighters

Back in high school, it used to be a tradition for the local punk(?) teenagers to go see a couple of local bands and then head to our town’s one local Denny’s for the night to talk about getting out of the suburbs and changing the world.

Apparently? Even bands that have made it like to eat at Denny’s on occasion. But being in an up-and-coming band on tour means you probably don’t have a lot of money: you’re sleeping in vans that you have to pay to put gas in (and let’s face it, that ain’t cheap), you’re hauling your own equipment, paying to replace stuff that’s missing or broken and maaaaybe you’ll be able to eat at some point if you’re lucky.

But Denny’s knows their fan base. Not only do they believe in letting suburban punk kids hand out for hours while nursing the same cup of coffee, they’re also willing to help out these young bands on tour. So they started the Denny’s Allnighter Program, which “adopts” bands and allows them to eat free at any Denny’s they come to while on tour.

In the past, Denny’s adopted bands such as Metro Station, Forever the Sickest Kids and Buzznet‘s favorite homeboys All Time Low. But now it’s time for a new group of bands, and who won the fan voting?

Anberlin, Heavy Mojo, The Morning Light, Four Year Strong, Socratic and The Cab.

Denny’s also recently released their Rockstar Menu, featuring dishes designed by bands like The Eagles of Death Metal, The Plain White-T‘s, Taking Back Sunday and The All-American Rejects.

But the question is, are they ever going to allow their adopted bands to create dishes for the menu? What kind of dishes do you think any of the adopted bands would come up with? What would they taste like? Does they has a flavor?