The Buzznet ‘Twilight’ Project: Vamp Date and Fresh Meat

Let’s just be honest: “Twilight” is basically the biggest movie event of the year. (You hear me, Batman? Yeah, I thought so) a big effing, dazzling deal. So as we prepare to bring you everything you ever wanted to know about vampires, Rpattz, “Decode,” and prom (read the book, I ain’t gonna spell it out), we wanted to give you a chance to take a big ol’ yummy/bloody bite of the phenomenon yourself.

In Twilight, as you may know, a girl named Bella Swan moved from Phoenix, Arizona — where she was sort of lonely and not-so-popular — to small-town Washington state, where she becomes an overnight sensation at her new school, receiving so much attention she struggles to handle it. (To say nothing of the fact that she eventually falls in a love with a, um, vampire.)

So we’ve got not one but two assignments for you to pick from (yes, over-achievers, you can do both if you want. Sigh.). Check it:

1. With the exception of the bloodlust, we think Bella’s story is somewhat universal. So what we’re wondering is, hasn’t anyone else wrestled with the trauma — psychological or otherwise — of moving to a new town, a new school, or a new life? We’d really like to hear your story, in your own words. Write the compelling — but true — account of your own trial or tribulation when you re-located (Did you find new friends or lose old ones? Did you find your identity? Or lose it?). We know truth can be stranger than Stephenie Meyer-penned fiction.

2. If you can deal with their erratic hours, we’re pretty sure vampires make for fun dates. (Also, you want to make sure they feed BEFORE the evening starts). Ever thought about what it might be like to spend one magical — or, you know, eternally damned — evening with a member of the vampire persuasion? Write the most dazzling short fiction you can that involves you and a single date with a vampire. (Do they they offer you a particularly rare cut of steak? Do they choke on your garlic breath? Do they sprout bat wings and fly you to Vegas? Do they show you the inside of a coffin? Yeah, let’s keep it PG-13 or lighter, please.) We have a feeling you have some ideas.

The specs:

  • Please keep your piece to 800 words or less.
  • Please email all submissions to by 5:00pm Pacific time on Nov. 7.
  • Please state in the subject line whether you’re writing about being FRESH MEAT or going on a VAMP DATE, and your Buzznet username.

Please remember us when you get famous, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.

My name is Edward Cullen, and I approve this message.