Behind the Scenes: Hayley Williams Does Motion Capture for Guitar Hero: World Tour

So a few weeks ago, I reported that Guitar Hero: World Tour was going to feature a drum kit and microphone in order to keep up with rival game Rock Band 2. But there’s something Guitar Hero: World Tour is going to have that Rock Band 2 won’t: Paramore‘s Hayley Williams. shared a behind the scenes video featuring Hayley doing motion capture for the in-game version of the band’s monster hit “Misery Business,” as well as some of the finished scenes. And from the looks of things, Hayley’s contagious energy will more than transfer to the game when it releases!

With the motion capture, Williams joins an impressive list of superstars, including Guns and Roses’ Slash and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, in being full body motion captured for the game. But bigger than that, Williams is the first female superstar ever to be featured in a Guitar Hero game, a fact she didn’t know until after she’d agreed to participate.

It seems like the whole world is caught up in Paramania these days. Apparently, people can’t get enough of the band, who not only performed at last month’s MTV Video Music Awards, but also recently streamed a preview of their song “Decode” for the upcoming Twilight Movie, which will act as the soundtrack’s lead single (check out the rest of the track listings here). And Buzznet’s not immune, since they’re taking this chance to give away those two One-of-a-Kind Paramore Halloween Polaroids!

What do you think? Will Hayley’s appearance in the game make you more likely to try it or buy it? What other superstars would you love to see get motion captured for this or future games? And of course, how many of you are still trying to beat Dragonforce’s “Through the Fire and the Flames” on Expert in Guitar Hero 3?