Travis Barker & DJ AM in Fatal Crash

Last night in Colombia, South Carolina, a lear jet crashed just moments after take off, killing 4 out if its 6 passengers. Travis Barker and DJ AM were on the jet, but managed to survive the crash by jumping out of the plane immediately after it happened. They’re both in critical condition right now — Barker is burned from the waist down, and Adam Goldstein (DJ AM) is being treated for burns on his face. [Cut=More…]

How did I suspect something was up? Pete Wentz’s vague twitter. Last night, before he knew about the accident, he tweeted:

Get why that’s a little creepy? Anyway, Pete says he hasn’t been able to get on his account to delete it. Ergh.

Too much transportation tragedy for me lately 🙁 Keep those people in your thoughts, plz.