Pete Wentz’s Cartoon Crush: Share Your Own!

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz‘s hair has been through quite a few hues in her time. From bright blonde to black to honey to her current crimson (which she’s kept fresh by using herbal dyes through her pregnancy), she wears them all impeccably. But what made her go red in the first place?

Apparently, because of husband Pete Wentz‘s childhood crush on Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Now, at first this might seem, well, weird. But really, who are WE to judge Pete Wentz for this? After all, I’m sure just about all of us had a childhood cartoon character crush.

No! Really! Hey, I’ll even cop to a few that I’m still a little embarassed about!

Terry McGinnis of Batman BeyondWhat can I say? He’s the Goddamn Batman…OF THE FUTURE!
Spike Spiegel of Cowboy BebopLimber mofo.

And of course:

Trent Lane from DariaI’m pretty sure this crush is more common among women my age than we will ever really know.
So come on, Buzznet! I’ve embarassed myself enough! Share your cartoon crushes, past or current! Pictures are encouraged!