Into The Wild……


Sam’s Woods, 5:44 pm:

“What the hell do you mean we’re lost?!” Jessica demands of Edward, as he just break’s the news to her and Dee. Gabrielle meanwhile is just sitting on a log desperately trying to get a signal on her cell phone. “Well, not really. We can just re-trace our steps back where we hot that two way road” Edward says, trying to clam her. “And how many hours ago was that?!” Dee asks him. “Um, lets see, we got here an hour go…” Edward begins to say’s now thinking. Jessica then throws her arms into the air. “Wonderful. Just fucking wonderful!” “Now Jess chill. As Edward said, we can re-trace our steps” Dee says now to clam her. “Oh yeah, we can do that, and then maybe witness nature boy here can get it right this time!” Jessica says now getting pissed off at Edward. “Yo Jess, back off! He is trying to help!” Gabrielle says now sitting up and giving Jessica a death stare. “Gab just chill, she’s upset, I can understand” Edward then says to Gabrielle now walking over to her. “Oh way to stand up to you moron of a man Gab! You know, if it wasn’t for you wanting to get into Mr. Wonderfulness pants, maybe we could have avoided all this camp fuck bullshit!” ” Jessica says not even looking at Edward and now being very mean to Gabrielle.“You fucking bitch!” Gabrielle says now walking over to Jessica to slap her in the face for the insult. “STOP IT!” an un-earthly voice out of nowhere suddenly rings out into the air. The three then turn around and see Dee standing up with her eyes almost popping out of her head and she looks pissed. “WILL YOU TWO FUCKING STOP FIGHTING! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NOW! JESS, I AM GREATFUL YOUR WORRIED ABOUT ME, AND YOU TOO GAB, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO GO AND PICK A FIGHT WITH YOUR FRIENDS OK?! NOW THE TWO OF YOU SIT THE FUCK DOWN BEFORE I WALK OVER THERE AND BITCH SLAP THE BOTH OF YOU STRAIGHT!” Dee says at Jessica and Gabrielle.

Gabrielle and Jessica at once sit down out of pure terror. Edward meanwhile is still standing up looking very shocked and in disbelief. “Thank you” Dee says now sitting back down and getting herself some coffee. “Now Edward, how many hours ago were we at this two-way road?” she then asks Edward. “Uh, about three hours ago” Edward says. “Ok then, now here’s what we can do, we can have our dinner and rest up some more, and then turn back and re-trace our steps. Sound good?” she says to everyone. “Yeah, cool” Edward says now getting some hot dogs and putting them in the pan that is hung above the fire.

“Now are we done fighting?” Dee asks the girls. “I don’t know. I am, not to sure about Jess though” Gabrielle mutters. “Jess?” Dee says now turning to Jessica. Jessica sighs, “Yeah” she says to the ground. “Good, now say you’re sorry to each other and make up ok? I don’t like my best buds fighting” Dee says to them. Jessica and Gabrielle then turn to each other and muttering to each other, “I’m sorry” “Good, now it looks like Edwards hot dogs are done, so lets eat” Dee says now getting up and walking over to a pack to get out some paper plates.

Some hours later dinner is done and they all pack up and head off again. A few more hours go by and then they reach the two-way road they once were at before. This time they walk the other way, hopefully this time going the right way.