Into The Wild……


Sam’s Woods, 8:55 am:

“Edward, um, could you come in here for a minute?” Gabrielle yells to Edward from her tent, now somewhat over the shock of finding herself naked. A few seconds later Edward walks in. “What’s up baby?” he asks her. “Are the girls near by?” Gabrielle asks him in a serious tone. “No, their by the stream, like a mile from here. Why?” Edward says now sitting down next to her looking very confused. Gabrielle just shakes her head and then says, very slowly, “Why…am….I….naked….?”Edward then gives her a evil grin. “Well, what do you think?” he then says her. “Um, I donno, that’s why I’m asking you” Gabrielle says. Edward laughs a little and then he says, “Well lets just say you and I…..uh, got a little close last night” Gabrielle looks at him with a blank stare. “What” what she then says. “Yeah, you don’t remember?! We did it all night!” Edward says in surprise. Gabrielle then just shakes her head and then lies back down with her hands covering her face. “Are you upset?” Edward then asks her in worry. Gabrielle then lets out a little laugh. “Hell no! But…..well I thought this would take a while to, happen. And I really didn’t think it would be in a tent out in the middle of nowhere!” she then says. Edward smiles then, and then lies down next to her. “Well, sometimes wonderful things happen in weird places” he then says now beginning to play with her hair. Gabrielle laughs at that and then snuggle’s closer to Edward. After a few minutes of silence pass, Edward then says, “So, you have no memory of us making love last night huh?” “Um, Ikinda remember. It’s slowly coming back to me. It was just when I first woke up, I had no idea what happened!” Gabrielle says. Edward laughs at that, and then says, “So, do you remember enjoying it?” Gabrielle laughs at that, and then says, “Hehe, yeah, I 100% remember that part” The two laugh at that, and then they lay there for a while until they hear Dee and Jessica walking back into camp. “I better get dressed” Gabrielle says now grabbing at her pants and shirt. “Ok, I’m gonna go make something to eat and coffee” Edward says giving her a kiss and then walking out, carefully making sure he opens the tent only wide enough to get himself out and not to expose Gabrielle in her nudeness.

A few minutes later Gabrielle then walks out of the tent all dressed. She walks over to the now huge flaming fire and sits down next to Dee. “Morning hun, how are you feeling?” she asks Dee then. “Good, feel like a million bucks” Dee says now holding a damp cool wet rag to her forehead. She must still have a headache. “Oh, that sucks. Want me to get you a pill?” Gabrielle then asks her. “If you don’t mind” Dee says with a small smile. Gabrielle then nods her head and then goes into her tent to get Dee a pill. Then a few minutes later breakfast is ready. They eat, and then after that they clean up and then while the girls get done their coffee, Edward scouts ahead to see how the road looks.“So, how was your and Edward’s night last night” Jessica asks Gabrielle after a few minutes. “Fine, hung out and just talked” Gabrielle says now sipping coffee. “Sure, if you call yelling your head off last night talking” Dee says with an evil grin. “What do you mean?” Gabrielle asks looking at the two confused. “Ah Gab, we heard you two last night” Jessica says now laughing. Gabrielle turns red then. “Really?” she asks. “Yeah, sorry hun. It was kinda hard not too really, I think the whole woods probably heard you as well” Dee says laughing. Gabrielle shakes her head and then holds her it in her hands trying to hide her embarrassed red face while she two is laughing as well.