Into The Wild……


Sam’s Woods, 4:33 am:

Gabrielle walks out of her tent and then sees that Edward is still up and keeping himself warm with the somewhat fire. “Ah, I see you heard the noise too huh?” he asks her when he sees her. “Yeah, what was it?” Gabrielle asks him. “An night owl calling a mate, nothing bad” Edward says with a smile. “Oh, ok then, that’s a relief, thought it was something creepy and not good, ya know?” Gabrielle says laughing a little. Edward laughs to, and then Gabrielle asks him, “So what are you doing still up?” “I’m not sleepy. And I thought it would be a good idea to watch over the food and you girls, since every time I turn around you three are in trouble and half the food goes” Edward says. Gabrielle laughs at that and then says, now sitting down next to him, “Aw what a gentlemen!” Edward laughs at that, and then pulls some of the woolen blanket he has on him over to her. Gabrielle smiles and says “Thanks” and then she cuddles up next to him and the two then sit by the fire and talk in whispers not to wake the others. Then an hour later Gabrielle sees Edward’s eyelids are beginning to drop. “I think you need some sleep” she says to him. “Nah I’m fine, just resting” he says with a smile. “Right. Listen, I know you want to watch over the camp, so how about we kinda set traps to warn us if something comes over here, and you can get some sleep” Gabrielle says. Edward then thinks on it for a minute, then says, “Ok, good idea” Then he and Gabrielle get some really big twigs and set them around the camp and fire, so that way if something walks over to the camp, they will now in a second. After that’s done, the two say goodnight. “It kinda sucks now” Edward says before Gabrielle goes into her tent. “How’s that?” she asks him looking confused. “Well, I was enjoying the major cuddling we were doing together a few minutes ago, but now we’re going to bed, so there’s goes my fun” Edward says. Gabrielle laughs at that, and then she says, turning red at the thought of what she’s about to say, “Well, why don’t you sleep in my tent? It is cold out here, and it’s sure gonna be cold in a tent so and well….” Edward face light up in delight and surprise. “Sure, you are ok with it right?” he then says to her. “Yeah, come on” Gabrielle says now going into her tent. Edward’s face is still in shock when he goes into her tent and sits down next to her. “Want some tea? Forgot there was some still in my canteen” Gabrielle says now laughing the tent up with a flashlight. “Sure thanks!” Edward says. Gabrielle then gives him a cup of tea while she gets a cup herself. After they get done drinking Gabrielle turns out the light and then she and Edward lay down and try to get some sleep. Meanwhile there are a lot of weird and creepy noises going on outside. “You know, as much as I love the outdoors, I’m kinda freaked out with these noises” Gabrielle whispers to Edward. “Now there’s nothing to be worried about, I’m here, I’ll protect you” Edward whispers to her now rapping his arms around her. Gabrielle now feels a lot better, and a few minutes later she falls asleep in Edward’s arms.

Sam’s Woods, 8:45 am:

“Should we wake them?” says a voice that Gabrielle and Edward hear outside the tent. “I don’t know, do you really want to look in there? I have a feeling that we don’t want to see how that kept themselves “warm” last night” another voce says giggling a little, and it sounds a lot like Dee. “Hehe, that’s dirty Dee!” says the voice they heard before, now sounding like Jessica. Gabrielle rolls over and sees Edward’s awake as well, and he’s smiling away. “Should we go out?” she whispers to him. “Sure, I’ll make us some breakfast” Edward says now moving around weirdly in the covers and then a few minutes later he gets up and goes out of the tent. Gabrielle goes to go out too, but then suddenly realizes that she has no clothes on.

“What the hell…….WHY AM I NAKED?!” she says to herself in horror.