The Gallery of Cuddles

As if the tide of cute ever wanes from the sea of photos on the shores of Buzznet, there has been an increase as of late with people posting photos of their pets. A cute overload is taking over!

Not that I don’t enjoy looking at pictures of facial profiles taken with a camera that is arms length above the head, I would just rather look at a photo of something cute, benign, and not pursing it’s lips.

I know you have enough photos to put a proud parent to shame for not matching your joy of photographing your pet to snaps of their bundle of joy. I am also sure that as one of the most awesome of owners of said pets, you dutifully snap pictures of your pets romping about. Whether they are frolicking about land, licking your face, or making play things of the most mundane of objects, I’m sure your pets provide you with hours of enjoyment and companionship.

Mittens – AngelcrossmarieHow cute is this cat? I want to cuddle!

Shalua– MiseryxchordYes, Schrodinger Cat makes an appearance!

Horsey! – TryingtofindthewordsI don’t know the name of the horse, but I like to think it is along the lines of Cinnamon, Applejack, or Dewdrop.

Wrinkles McGee – Desert I’m not sure if Desert is the owner of this marvelous pooch, nor do I know the name. The dog is, however, a beautiful specimen!

Sid – JayVMush style, indeed!

Now that you have seen some true pet awesomeness, let’s see what you got!