Fall Out Boy’s Fresh Only Bakery Delivery 9/23: OMG SHOES!

Yesterday was the last Fresh Only Bakery delivery for Los Angeles. They promised not to eff it up this time (If you missed the first L.A. delivery, you didn’t really miss anything). We were all looking for the ‘Folie’ truck, but Pete Wentz and his baker buddy Roscoe rolled up in a yellow car. Everyone standing on the corner of La Brea and Santa Monica in Hollywood only knew because Roscoe was sporting a sweet baker’s hat. Everyone ran to the car, where Pete was dressed in his lovely blond wig and ‘stache again. He had oven mitts on and started handing out those coveted pink boxes. It was sort of like a mosh pit up against that car. Some boxes had shirts. Some boxes had plastic donuts. Pete had a box of real donuts. He threw a few at some passing cars. One ALMOST made it through a sunroof, haha.

I didn’t think I was going to get anything, although I was up in thr front and waving my hands as excitedly as anyone else (oh, btw, Vlad had us sing the Star Spangled Banner). Then Pete whispers something to the Fresh Only Bakery guy, and the guy says, “Okay, honest, who is a size 5 shoe?” and the girl next to me goes “Me! My feet are hella small!” so I try to move so she can get closer, but then the guy goes “No, p*nis (guys) size 5!” And I shoot up my hand and yell, “THAT’S ME! I’M A GIRLS SIZE 7!!!” …and Pete hands me the box.

I sort of just clutched it to my chest for awhile. I was savoring the moment. The I opened the box and pawed them a little.

Two people got boxes of plastic donuts with letters on them. They had to pool their lettered donuts and figure out what the anagram was. Most everyone stayed to help. The problem was, we we’re missing a ‘V’ for a while — but at long last, vladthebakerrip was discovered.

There, it says: One lucky person at the los angeles delivery recieved this pair of size 5 supra b-day shoes. These are the last pair in existence. click the pic for info.

GUYS THAT’S ME!!!!!!!!!

After the puzzle was solved and we found that sweeeeet version of P. Stump covering Kanye West‘s “Love Lockdown,” everyone went home. I took my shoes out of the box when I got there, and slipped one on. It was kind of like this:

It’s like I’m the Clandestine Cinderella. Ella ella eh eh eh.

And now?

A good place to get the gritty details is CFOBmania.

Wait for my videoblog. It’ll be glorious.