Fall Out Boy Fresh Only Bakery ‘Delivery’ in Hollywood: Um, fail?

Mendoza and I, along with about 50 other Fall Out Boy fans gathered on the corners of Melrose and Fairfax because of the directive given on FreshOnlyBakery.com. We waited, we analyzed just about every car that passed through the intersection and we devised ideas about what might go down between 3 and 4pm.

It gets to be about 3:50 and we see The ‘Folie’ truck coming down Melrose. Some of us see them drop something off (BUT HEY WERE OVER HERE, AT THE INTERSECTION YOU TOLD US TO BE). Paparazzi are following it. Flash flash flash. It gets in the left turn lame, and OFF it goes. We run to the school side of the street. The truck does not come back.

Word on the street is that FOUR boxes were given out. This is according to the girl who got the one-of-a-kind recording of “Growing Up.” A girl who just happened to be leaving school (read: not a Fall Out Boy fan). THE TRAGEDY!

Pictures of the goods are here.

Mendoza got some video.

UPDATE: Pete posted a blog that says:

i understand that there are some people who are slightly frustrated with the delivery of these so called donuts. let me say i have been frustrated with a donut place before- pictured is me behind the krispy kreme in london. right before security tried to throw me out of heathrow.

all i can say is that i am guessing that there is going to be another delivery. as well i am already hearing about franchises in other cities (sf, chicago, ny).

keep your head up. it always ends up working out okay,

everything that is…