Fall Out Boy Get Fresh, Hint at ‘Event’ Today

Absolutepunk posted a link to FreshOnlyBakery.com this morning. What do Fall Out Boy and sugar-loaded pastries have in common? Oh, plenty —

The most recent update on the site, dated Sept. 11th, says:So after much work in the kitchen all night we have decided to deliver our first batch tomorrow. they will be delivered to the corner of melrose and fairfax in Hollywood (Los Angeles, California) between 3pm and 4pm. The cooks did not have time to make many so again it is first come, first serve. However, there is one special one- that is one of a kind. it was made only for this delivery and is extra tasty. Hope to see you and your sweettooth soon.

no tricks or puzzles here. if you are one of the first to show up you will get a treat. we hope to make a few more deliveries to other cities.

If you click on the image associated with that post, you get linked to this image:

The moral of this story is someone needs to get out there tomorrow and suss out wth is going on.

Oh FOB, you so cryptic.

UPDATE: The post on freshonlybakery has been updated to say this is going down on September 11th (today)