Fall Out Boy Discuss ‘Folie a Deux’: Marriage & The ‘Me’ Generation

My Google alerts are blowing up with Fall Out Boy articles today (which is refreshing, since often it’s news articles about boys falling. Yes, really.) Here are some snippets about the themes and lyrics on ‘Folie’ from around the Web.

On leaving lyrical interpretation to the listener, Pete Wentz says: “Every time you think we’re talking about a girl, we’re not, and every time you think we’re not talking about a girl, we are.”

Patrick Stump on fans asking how Pete’s marriage to Ashlee Simpson affects the record: “I think, if anything, he just wanted to point out how lightly people are taking their marriages. No one seems to be worried about what’s going on, they just want to have things.” On his favorite lyrics on the upcoming album Patrick told MTV, “‘Change will come, but I will never believe in anything again’ — that’s about the ’90s, when we really cared, [but] then we got into all this awful mess. And I think people stopped believing in the goodwill of man and that you can change the world or do any good. So everything became internalized. The past decade has been totally about ‘me.’ It’s totally about ‘Oh, I’m sad. I want this. I know somebody who knows this person. Me me me me me,’ so that’s what that song is about.”

The band released their first single from ‘Folie’ this week and you can pick up this much-anticipated album after you vote on November 4th.

Bonus adorableness: Watch the PSA FOB shot for dosomething.org.