Fall Out Boy to Collaborate with Ne-Yo?

Hiphop hitmaker Ne-Yo has worked with R and B royalty like Rihanna and Beyonce, but now he’s setting his sights elsewhere: Fall Out Boy.

In an interview with BBC News, Ne-Yo revealed that he’d like to work with the Chicago rockers at some point in the future. “Yeah, I thought about [working with Coldplay] but Kanye and Jay-Z have done it already, so I don’t wanna seem like I’m bandwaggoning. I have been talking to Fall Out Boy about doing some stuff, but who knows?”

Hate to break it to you, Ne-Yo, but the four guys from Fall Out Boy aren’t exactly n00bs when it comes to collaborating with hip hop stars. In fact, both Kanye and Jay-Z have worked with FOB, Kanye remixed their hit single “This Ain’t a Scene (It’s an Arms Race)” and Jay-Z appears on the opening track to their 2007 album Infinity on High. Add to that their work with Timbaland and the recent talk that they’ll be collaborating with T.I. and it becomes clear that Fall Out Boy is dedicated to continuing the tradition of rap and rock working together.

Which is not to say that a Fall Out Boy/Ne-Yo collaboration wouldn’t be awesome. What do you think it would sound like?